Washington Redskins jokes

Funny jokes about Washington Redskins


Q: What's the difference between OJ Simpson and the Redskins?

A: OJ at least had a defense!


Q: What's the difference between the Washington Redskins and Cheerios?

A: Cheerios belongs in a bowl


What do you call 47 people watching an NFL playoff game on TV?

The Washington Redskins.


Why was Jim Zorn upset when the Redskins playbook was stolen?

he wasn't finished coloring it in yet!


Q. What do you call a Washington Redskins with a Super Bowl ring?
A. Old


Q. How many Washington Redskins does it take to win a Super Bowl?
A. Nobody remembers.


A federal judge has sided with the Washington Redskins in a lawsuit regarding the team's name. Sadly, it's the first major victory the franchise has enjoyed since 1991.




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