playboy jokes

Funny jokes about playboy

The office playboy had a date with an attractive young woman. The next day someone asked him how things had gone. "She uses too many four-letter words for me," was the reply. "Really?" "Yes," answered the playboy. "Allevening long she was saying "don't" and "stop" and "quit that."


Did you hear about the new Catholic edition of Playboy?

It's got the same centerfold as the regular edition, but you have to pull it out at just the right moment.


Someone told my husband and I that there's a new Playboy for married men -- and it has the same centerfold every month.


Q. Did you hear about the new magazine for married men published by Playboy?

A. It has the same pictures month after month after month after month after month....


A boy came home from school one day and said to his mom, "Guess what happened to me in school today.  I had sex with my playboy teacher!"  His mom became very upset and screamed, "Go to your room! We'll tell your father what you did when he gets home."

  When his father came home, the boy told him.  "Way to go, son," the father replied. "Let's go buy you a new bicycle."

  When they came out of the shop with a brand-new bike, the father asked, "Do you want to ride it home?"

  "No," the boy replied.  "My bump still hurts."



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