Philadelphia Eagles jokes

Funny jokes about the Philadelphia Eagles


Q: How many Philadelphia Eagles does it take to change a tire?

A: One, unless it's a blowout, in which case they all show up


Q: How do you stop an Philadelphia Eagles fan from beating his wife?

A: Dress her in New Orleans Black and Gold!


Q: What do you call a Philadelphia Eagle with a Super Bowl ring?

A: A thief.


Q: How do the Philadelphia Eagles count to 10?

A: 0-1, 0-2, 0-3, 0-4, 0-5, 0-6, 0-7, 0-8, 0-9, 0-10


Q: Why was Andy Reid upset when the Philadelphia Eagles play book was stolen?

A: He hadn't finished coloring it yet


Q: Why doesn't Allentown get an NFL team?

A: Because then Philly would want one too




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