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Funny anime jokes


Orochimaru is as straight as a rainbow! ^^


-- Q: Where does Kagome clean her clothes?

~ A: Inu-washa


Q: Why is Light like a lift?

A: Because he's an L evader.


Q:What's a horrible desert?

A: Ice cream and Piccolo's


Yo mama's so fat, Naruto couldnt make enough clones to see all sides of her.


Yo mama's so fat that when she sat down on a park bench, she caused the Naruto timeskip.


Q-how many DBZ characters does it take to screw in a lightbulb?

A-     One, but it takes him 10 episodes!


What do you get when you cross anime with holidays?

Faye Valentine!


Why is Zapdos so dangerous?

Because it doesn't know how to conduct itself!

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