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Funny jokes about Spongebob


Squidward (as Patrick): $1 for every brain you don't have, I'd have one dollar!

Squidward (as Spongebob): Patrick, you are the dumbest idiot for my misfortune to know.


Spongebob : "Doubloons (brings some soap) Don't Drop em'" - Gary Takes A Bath-         

This joke describes the biggest fear of prisoners in the US. If you drop the soap in the prison shower, you're in the perfect position to be raped! The term is usually used in humor.              

BUT IN Spongebob!! OH MY GOD!!! I COULDN'T BELIEVE IT! You expect the kids to stay in front of the ::dolphin noise:: TV, just lying there without undertanding the joke. But what happened if a whole church saw it.


Why did Patrick bring a shovel to the Krusty Krab?

Spongebob told him to dig in.


Why did SpongeBob jump over the eating area?

Mr. Krabs told him to clear the table


Patrick: why can't boiling pots be spies? SpongeBob:

They always blow their covers.


Q. What did SpongeBob’s mother say to him when he failed his driving test again?

A. Soak it up


Q. What’s SpongeBob’s favorite Elvis tune?

A. Fry Me Tender



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