Mickey Mouse jokes

Funny jokes about Mickey Mouse


Q: Why did Mickey Mouse go into outerspace?

A: To find Pluto!


Q: What did Mickey say when Minnie asked him if he was listening?

A: "I'm all ears!"


Mickey Mouse wakes up one day and looks out the window. Written in snow is "Mickey sucks." Enraged, Mickey calls the police. When the detective gets there and checks out the pee he says, "Mickey, I have some bad news, and I have some worse news. The bad news is that it's Goofy's pee. The worse news is that it's Minny's handwriting!


Why did Mickey dump Minnie?

Because she was goofey!


Why did Mickey Mouse cross the road?

He was going on a Minnie vacation!


How did Mickey Mouse celebrate moving into his new home?

With a mouse warming party!


How did Minnie save Mickey from drowning?

Mouse to mouse resuscitation!


Why did Mickey Mouse go to the doctor?

He was having Disney spells!

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