Lance Armstrong jokes

Funny Lance Armstrong jokes


What does Lance Armstrong and I have in common?

We both never won the Tour de France.


Bradley Wiggins has had the biggest impact on cycling since Lance Armstrong's pharmacist.


Lance Armstrong is to launch a new yellow wristband in light of the recent drug report by the USADA.

His new "LiveWrong" band will be in all good chemists by Christmas.


Lance Armstrong has denied ever using drugs, but he has admitted pedaling.


I can't believe they've stripped Lance Armstrong of his titles - you try riding a bike on drugs!


I think the world is being extremely unfair to Lance Armstrong....

Bob Marley doped his whole career and no-one said anything


If everyone was doing it, it doesn't count as cheating...


Why did Lance Armstrong go on the Oprah Winfrey show? Because he thought he’d have a ball.


Apparently, Oprah asked Lance Armstrong if he’d do a blood test on the show. Armstrong said he’d be happy too but he’d left most of his blood at home.




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