Jenna Jameson jokes

Jenna Jameson jokes actress jenna jameson says she got into adult film industry because she wasnt the smartest kid in school....."I was a straight DD student."

Q: What did Jenna Jameson say when she heard hard banging near the front door?


A: Come inside

ormer porn queen jenna jameson is putting out her own brands of salad dressing...the first flavor will be Mustang Ranch.

I didn't realize that porn star Jenna Jameson had given birth to twins.

When it comes to multiples,I would have figured her for sextuplets.

Jenna Jameson says I get excited when Romney talks about the Alaskan National Wildlife Refuge and says he’s going to tap that.

Other things that are good for rich people: college legacy admissions; elimination of nanny taxes and capital gains taxes; tax deductions for pool boys, personal trainers and plastic surgery; repeal of all business and banking regulations; the weakening or dissolving of labor unions; legalization of indentured servitude and/or slavery. I endorse those too.

Jenna Jameson says I like my candidates the way I like all my men: willing to change positions at a moment’s notice.

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